Mon 11th November – 6.43pm by Zac Boucher

Sadly today was our last day, but it started nicely. We had a long lie in until 8:30 AM and had a nice pain au chocolat breakfast. After breakfast we had a quick swim and the kids from kindergarten to standard 5 came with us to the beach. When all the kids came they went crazy, every single one of them shoved and pushed onto the beach and jumped into the water as quickly as possible. After an hour of splashing clinging and swimming races on the beach lunch arrived and everyone had a jam sandwich and some orange juice.

After a long sad goodbye all the children left with lots of small gifts, a smiles on their faces. To clean ourselves we jumped back in the pool and swam until 6:00 PM.

After our swim, we went to the beach where i bought one more present, and lastly we went to the Nakumat where, i had one cone ice cream, a small pizza, one large ice cream sundae, and a large chicken tikka pizza which some of us shared. After filling myself up with junk food, im ready to go a diet, and have now started packing everything im going to bring back.

Thanks everyone for helping me to participate in this trip.