Mon 11th November – 6.38pm by Zack Linfield


So today was our final day of KENYA. I am really going to miss kenya and have enjoyed these 16 days so much. Today we had Standard 5 and below come to the beach at the hotel and the hotel provided jam sandwiches and orange juice for them which they loved. Their faces wehen they saw the beach were inspirational. Once arriving they all got changed and went into the sea. We all went and played in the sea with them. They all grab onto you and we gave them piggy backs and they sat on our shoulders. The ocean here is really nice and hot so it was a good swim. After this we went to say goodbye to the kids for the final game which was horrible knowing that i might not see them ever again. Once we had said goodbye it was time for lunch at the hotel and then off for a swim. I also went to the beach and bought some final things. Then we went to the Nakamatt and me and sherry went for ice cream and pizza was amazing!

I have got to go now as very buys and got to pack. Have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow! So much effort!!!

See you all very soon…