Our groups working out in Kenya

Since we began as a charity, we have taken out dozens groups of people from the UK and elsewhere to volunteer in Mombasa.

Young people, teacher, school groups and more – people from all walks of life have helped our charity realise its dream of making things better for children in Mombasa. Everyone in our groups has something to offer Victory school, whether its a talent or skill, and groups normally carry out different projects during their time in Mombasa. Our teachers are supported by teachers from the UK and elsewhere, who help at the school at different times in the year and help with the professional development of our staff.

Teachers from the UK have worked with their Kenyan counterparts to help raise standards in Mathematics, Science and English. English is not usually the first language of our children (Many speak a tribal language in their homes or else Kiswaheli. All examinations are written in English, so it is vital that children have a good grounding. We have worked hard to improve teaching in the early years and, now, it is paying off in better results higher up the school. Unity School is now one of the top schools in Mombasa, measured by the KPCE results.

Students with medical experience have worked with Dr Luke Odhiero at his medical centre.


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