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The Ground Floor Nears Completion and we launch an appeal to Raise the Roof

With work progressing well, the toilets and ground floor classrooms are nearing completion.  Now work has commenced to provide access to the upper floor and make it usable for classes and meetings.  To add to the funds that we already have available we have launched a crowd funding appeal.  The target is really ambitious but will cover most of the work needed in the forseeable future.    The first stage is to reach £57,000 before work is finished in July.  The good news is that we are on our way – but we need your help.

Visit https:/ to see our latest video featuring some of our senior teachers and, of course, the new buildings.


Medical News

There is an epidemic in the Mombasa area at the moment with a new mosquito virus called ‘Chikungunya’. (February 2018) The only defence is to put repellent on exposed skin since there are no vaccinations or medication to prevent the virus. Dr Luke, our resident Doctor has advised that the school classrooms are sprayed two hours before school starts each morning. Many pupils and teachers have contracted ‘Chikungunya’, which affects joints and muscles and can last for several weeks. Thankfully, our UK trustees and supporters who visited Unity School in January/February this year were not affected.

Progress with the new building

Progress with the new building

Although there were delays last year due to excessive flooding in the Mombasa area, the building is now on track and the majority has arrived at the roof stage. The toilet blocks are not yet complete but it is envisaged that the ground floor building will be ready by...

It’s only a toilet!

It’s only a toilet!

When 300 children and  16 adults have been sharing 4 holes in the ground, 12 new girls toilets, 6 for the boys and 2 for the staff must seem like a dream come true.  The new buildings have reached their maximum height for the time being.  The concrete slab for the...

The New buildings have firm foundations

The New classroom block is beginning to take shape. The foundations rise above ground level to overcome the flooding problem.  They are also strong enough to hold the next floor once we have the funds to go one stage...

Building work to start at Unity School

Since we opened the School, all classes have been taught in corrugated iron buildings, with no proper windows. Temperatures have been recorded up to 40degreesC on sunny days. Now, thanks to a generous legacy, the trustees have been able to commission 5 new classrooms,...

Sponsored walk and results of fundraising

Walk the Cookoo  Trail Saturday 26th May  - Heathfield to Hampden park (Eastbourne) 14 miles   Sign up by replying to the Facebook ad. and get your sponsors lined up too.     You can download a sponsor form here. 7th April: A good day for our...


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