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The new classroom block is ready for the official opening

The opening ceremony is all set for Thursday 24th January 2019.  This will be a day of celebration with party food for all guests, teachers and students (Courtesy of our contractor )

A New generator to be purchased

The well that has served so well since its construction is still producing adequate water for servicing the new toilets.

The problem: Our school  (like the whole of Mombasa) is subject to numerous power cuts. Without the ability to pump sufficient water from the well, our new toilets are not  going to function.

The solution a generator: once again one of our generous supporters has seen the need and responded.   Thank You!



£5 Challenge launched

Maintaining Unity School, Orphanage, Supporting students into Secondary Schools, not to mention paying for the new building, all costs money. Could you give less than a cup of coffee and a cake at a High Street shop, every month?

In the Autumn we launched a campaign to find 100 people who would donate £5 a month. In three months we have reached 23 people – most of whom are donating more than the £5 we asked for!    To read our appeal for new supporters click here

Please Keep in touch

Following changes to the law on data protection, this charity, like most others, has to ask your permission to record your name and contact details on our data base. We keep these details in order to send you by post, or email, the latest information about Unity School and our work in Kenya, or events taking place in the UK.   If you have not yet replied to one of our letters or emails, please go the “Contact Us” and just say that you are happy for us to retain your name and contact details. You can also say if you would prefer to be contacted by email, post or phone.   If you donate to our cause and are a UK taxpayer we alsoinvite you to sign to say that we have your permission to send HMRC your name, address and how much you have donated in order that we can claim the Gift Aid on your donation.  (This increases your donation by 25%) You can download a Gift Aid Form by clicking on “Get Involved”

Windows are fitted in the new classrooms – Still raising money for the 1st floor

With work  nearing completion we are looking forward to the official opening of the new building.  Out of £57k we set out to raise to complete the building work, we are now in the final stage with only £20k outstanding.   Thanks to everyone who has assisted with generous contributions towards this work.

To donate to the new classroom block click here (This takes you to our Virgin Money Giving page for the 8K classroom challenge)


Medical News

There is an epidemic in the Mombasa area at the moment with a new mosquito virus called ‘Chikungunya’. (February 2018) The only defence is to put repellent on exposed skin since there are no vaccinations or medication to prevent the virus. Dr Luke, our resident Doctor has advised that the school classrooms are sprayed two hours before school starts each morning. Many pupils and teachers have contracted ‘Chikungunya’, which affects joints and muscles and can last for several weeks. Thankfully, our UK trustees and supporters who visited Unity School in January/February this year were not affected.

New Classrooms Opening Ceremony

New Classrooms Opening Ceremony

The Ursula Parry Building was officially opened at a ceremony held on the open roof space of the new block. There will be more pictures on our next Newsletter and videos to be put onto our website.  

The new classroom block - ready for the opening ceremony    

The Ursula Parry Classroom Block

The Ursula Parry Classroom Block

Trustees Carol and Shirley standing outside the new classroom block with the plaque commemorating the help given by the late Ursula Parry in providing this facility. 5 new classrooms, toilets for boys, girls and staff, a meeting are above the classrooms

More Students enrol for University

More Students enrol for University

Mr Joash assists three students to travel to Kenyatta University, Nairobi to enrol for their fist semester. They joined the queue to enrol at midnight; thus ensuring that enrolment was completed in one day.   We have four students now in their second year at ...

It’s only a toilet!

It’s only a toilet!

When 300 children and  16 adults have been sharing 4 holes in the ground, 12 new girls toilets, 6 for the boys and 2 for the staff must seem like a dream come true.  The new buildings have reached their maximum height for the time being.  The concrete slab for the...

Christmas Lunch at the Orphanage

Christmas Lunch at the Orphanage

Pictures from the Orphanage on Christmas day.  Thank you to the members of Littlehampton United Church who donated money to pay for the food and new clothes including the T-shirts. The best decorated Tree at the Festival in December 2018   At the end of September...



  • Christmas Lunch at the Orphanage

    Pictures from the Orphanage on Christmas day.  Thank you to the members of Littlehampton United Church who donated money to …

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