More room for the washing up

We are very grateful to the  Global Encounters Group based at The Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, for their project at Unity School, in July.  The project ran  for about 10 days. The Aga Khan Academy is an International School with students from different parts of the world. Each July the academy hosts a group of students participating in the Global Encounters Project. The students spent time on their first day looking around the school and soon identified a project that they wanted to undertake after seeing over 400 Unity pupils queuing at various times  to wash their hands with only one outside tap. The pictures here shows the Aga Khan students and our Unity School pupils working together with the end result of four outside taps in a row. This will ease the queuing considerably.
In addition, the Global Encounters students helped with artwork, music, dancing, public speaking and netball.
We thank the students of the Global Encounter team for all their help at Unity School which was very much appreciated by Unity School students and staff alike.





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