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Work Restarts on the building site

Following the deluge that his Mombasa and surrounding area earlier this year, the builders have been able to get back onto the site of the new Classroom block.   Surveying has begun in preparation for digging foundations, a gateway moved to allow better access for the contractors and a store hut erected. 

Medical News

Although Unity School and its compound did not suffer permanent damage from the recent flooding, there have been  other difficulties. At some point, contaminated water got into the well, resulting in many cases of sickness. The well has been cleasned and we trust that all is now safe. East Aftrica is suffering from another out break of Dengue Fever. Dr Luke, who sent this report, has treated two teachers successfully and, so far, no children have been affected. However, we have faced the largest bill for some time and appeal for funds to maintain the medical programme.

It’s only a toilet!

It’s only a toilet!

When 300 children and  16 adults have been sharing 4 holes in the ground, 12 new girls toilets, 6 for the boys and 2 for the staff must seem like a dream come true.  The new buildings have reached their maximum height for the time being.  The concrete slab for the...

The New buildings have firm foundations

The New classroom block is beginning to take shape. The foundations rise above ground level to overcome the flooding problem.  They are also strong enough to hold the next floor once we have the funds to go one stage...

Building work to start at Unity School

Since we opened the School, all classes have been taught in corrugated iron buildings, with no proper windows. Temperatures have been recorded up to 40degreesC on sunny days. Now, thanks to a generous legacy, the trustees have been able to commission 5 new classrooms,...

November – December Update

From Mid-November onwards, the lead up to Christmas was a busy time for our supporters and fund-raisers. Events started with an evening Fair organised by Wilson House at Bishop Luffa School, closely followed by our own stall at Broadwater Baptist Church two days...

Successful Fundraising before Christmas

Thanks  to everyone who helped with our fundraising over the Christmas Period. Wilson House at Bishop Luffa School raised over £1000 at their Christmas Fair. Our Fish and Chip Supper and Concert with the Shelly Singers contributed just over £300. Finally our Sale with...


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