Mon 11th November – 6.59pm by Karl Sengebusch

Okay so today we had a huge lie in until 8:30 a.m whichg was 3 hours later than the last couple of days we’ve been getting up, I had a shower and then ate breakfast which was pretty plain to be honest.

We then met the kids today Standard 5’s and under for a morning-afternoon session at the beach that was really awesome. I had a great last day with my favourite kids Mercy, Johnston, Martin and Newton playing in the sea and many other games os such nature and although making them enjoy their day, also enjoying mine. They had lunch and left more or less straight after so I had to say a goodbye that I did not meet with sadness but instead with a sense of joy and fufilment of what I have experienced at the school and with the kids for the last fortnight.

In the afternoon we swam, played water polo and went to the Nakumatt where I bought some stuff so a pretty relaxing but a good sending off aftrenoon nevertheless. We then wished Max a happy Birthday and gave out our canvases to the teachers of our favourite moments of the trip in which I put in mine Sherry duuring a Maths lesson that we taught when he tried to play the game shootout with the kids. 🙂

I have really enjoyed my time in Kenya and I will elobarate more to friends and family once I get back but this trip has changed my life and I can honestly say although early on in my life I will never forget this fantastic trip.

Kwaheri for the last time in Kenya -Karl

p.s MUM AND DAD my phone will not turn on so I will not use my phone when in EnlgaND