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Jo’s Blogg from her first visit to Kenya

Joanna is a long term supporter and sponsor of this Charity.  She is a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and often works one to one with children and young people who have experienced a trauma in their past. Joanna has trained several staff members,...

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From Madonna (Standard 8 student)

A thanking letter read from a standard 8 pupil on behalf of all of the standard 8 class for Carol, Shirley and Jo’s farewell gathering. First of all, I would like to express great appreciation on behalf of my class.  It says in Chinese “no appreciation is enough for...

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Maddy’s Blog Day 10

This is where the children wash their hands after they have been to the toilet. The water comes from the well that was built a few years ago. We hope that the new school building will include a toilet block with basins for the children and a separate staff toilet....

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Maddy’s Blog Day 9

This is the drive home from Mtwapa Creek... Yes, those are beds... and yes, they are across the drainage ditch... Yes, that is a man peeing in the drainage ditch... And yes, that is a man sitting with his legs in the drainage ditch. Life at the side of the road...

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Maddy’s Blog, Day 11

This is class 7 in their school room. It is 35 degrees in the classroom and the children usually sit 2-3 at a desk. Money was donated to the charity to buy books, so earlier in the week the school team went to the book shop and chose new reading books. With the money...

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Karl’s final day

Mon 11th November - 6.59pm by Karl Sengebusch Okay so today we had a huge lie in until 8:30 a.m whichg was 3 hours later than the last couple of days we've been getting up, I had a shower and then ate breakfast which was pretty plain to be honest. We then met the kids...

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Zacks Final day

Mon 11th November - 6.38pm by Zack Linfield jamboo So today was our final day of KENYA. I am really going to miss kenya and have enjoyed these 16 days so much. Today we had Standard 5 and below come to the beach at the hotel and the hotel provided jam sandwiches and...

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Zac’s Last day

Mon 11th November - 6.43pm by Zac Boucher Sadly today was our last day, but it started nicely. We had a long lie in until 8:30 AM and had a nice pain au chocolat breakfast. After breakfast we had a quick swim and the kids from kindergarten to standard 5 came with us...

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Jacob’s Blog

Mon 28th October - 6.28pm by jacob parkin Day 2- Rich men cry too. This morning I woke up with a shine. I finally managed to get sleep, not sure how much but sleep is sleep and the more I get tonight the better. We went up to breakfast and had a feast (not forgetting...

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Jack’s final blog

Mon 11th November - 7.47pm by Jack Carter Jambo, I never expected this day to come around so quickly. today is my last day in Kenya which I am really sad about as I have really enjoyed being here and seeing all the kids and school. This morning I woke up Really tired...

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Owens Last Ever Blog – Day 16

Mon 11th November - 7.43pm by Owen Wyatt Day 16 - the last day So today was the last day of kenya 2013 trip! I would just like to say a huuuuge thank you to everyone who has anything to do with the charity, from the chairman of the charity (the loser mr Ian straw) to...

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Danu’s Day 10

Tue 05th November - 5.53pm by Daniel Colbeck Jambo Marafiki! I woke up today as usual, and waddled into the shower. We went to breakfast and ate loads. I had loads of the yogurt muesli thing, pancakes with bacon and toast. After breakfast we went up to reception and...

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