Pupils enjoy the annual visit from Global Encounters Group

Pupils enjoy the annual visit from Global Encounters Group

Students from the Global Encounters Project visit Unity School for a fortnight in July.  They organise a range of activities such as drama, debating, sports, art and music.   They bring with them equipment to ensure the activities run well. The fortnight is always appreciated by Unity pupils and helps maintain our link with the Aga Khan Academy (who host the project) 

Nearly there!

The windows have been fitted with metal grills for greater security.

You can also see below that work has started on the support structure for another water tank. The new toilets require much more water than the mop and bucket previously used! Next will be the installation of a generator so that we can still pump water despite power cuts. Imagine the furore if a large city in the UK went without power for a whole day at a time! Its a regular event in Mombasa where businesses and hotels all have their own generators.

Jan’s Blog

Jan’s first visit and what she thought

  • A life changing experience
  • Lots for me to do – very hands on
  • The happiness and joy of the whole school was so apparent
  • Wonderful to see how excited the children are, and witnessing their hope for the future is clear to see
  • Seeing first-hand the wonderful work of the charity – please continue to support them
  • I am definitely going back

Carol’s Blog February

Trustees Carol Groves and Shirley Fisher returned to Unity School, Mombasa in January 2019. A supporter Jan Watson also went with them.

During the last two years (thanks to a generous legacy) a new building with 5 classrooms and toilet blocks has been under construction. The new building, now complete and ready for the pupils to occupy, had its official opening during our visit.  It was a very special day with celebrations all round.  The pupils and teachers had a lovely meal, thanks to the Contractor who picked up the bill.  Dr Luke and his wife, plus the parents association and someone from the educational department all took part in the celebrations.  It was a very special day and one that we will never forget.